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学术报告:New Microsensors based on Self-assembled Monolayers

报告题目:New Microsensors based on Self-assembled Monolayers



    人:Andreas Terfort   德国法兰克福大学教授


报告摘要Sensors, and in particular microsensors, are key compounds for smart systems of all kind. In particular, it is of high technological interest to develop new (bio)chemical sensors, for which also new sensory principles need to be developed. In the past years, so-called self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) have been established as very versatile tool for the manufacture of sensors. These films have a thickness of only one molecule (typically 1-2 nm) and have a surprisingly high stability. The properties of these surface bound layers can be fine-tuned by molecular design.


In this talk, I want to present a family of combinatorial electrochemical sensors, for the production of which SAMs are a very versatile tool. These sensors can be used to screen chemical processes by supplying very large amount of data, which in turn can be utilized to control and optimize the respective processes. In a second part, a new sensory principle will be presented, where the SAMs themselves provide the recognition and selection principle. The latter approach is very fast and sensitive and allows integration in existing microelectronic circuitry.




Andreas Terfort博士,德国法兰克福大学无机与分析化学系教授,无机与分析化学研究所副所长,表面化学系主任,德国科学基金会、欧盟-FP7基金、Minerva基金、石油研究基金评审专家及多个顶级杂志的审稿人(包括Nature, Science, Nature Materials, AngewandteChemie, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Advanced Foundational Materials等)。曾获得北德青年学术奖、德国Carl-Duisberg化学纪念奖等荣誉。Andreas Terfort教授长期在基于自组装単分子层(SAMs)的通用表面化学处理技术、器件表面功能化处理技术、微纳米级晶体管与传感器研制等领域开展研究。研究工作受到德国科学基金会(DFG)重大科研基金、BeilsteinStiftung (Nano-BIC)基金、大众基金会(VW foundation)的项目资金支持,累计科研经费超过142.9万欧元。

Andreas Terfort教授领导的课题组在SAMs的合成、机理及应用,金属有机框架化合物(MOF)研究,先进化学传感器制备等领域的研究成果备受瞩目,发表的约137篇高水平论文(其中发表在Nature 1篇,Science 1篇),近十年被引超过6300次,个人H因子达57;其研究组开展的自组装単分子层的合成、机理及应用,表面贴装有机框架(SURMOF)化合物的研究是MOF领域的最前沿、最具影响力的研究工作。

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